How To Cater For A Party In Winter

How To Cater For A Party In Winter

The team at Chick’nDale are highly experienced in party catering Sydney, BBQ catering Sydney, buffet catering Sydney, corporate catering Sydney, and other party catering sydney. As such, we know a thing or two about how to impress your guests with exciting food during a Winter special occasion. We’ve listed just a few tips to help generate some catering inspiration during these colder months.

1. Prioritise hot meals as much as possible.

When the temperature drops, people instantly want hot meals to warm them up. BBQ catering and carvery catering are affordable hot meal options that can satisfy hungry guests and keep everyone as warm as possible. At Chick’nDale, we have a broad selection of catering menus, with many including hot meal options to impress your guests. Our team can work closely with you to establish a catering plan that meets your exact timeframe, budget and unique requests.

2. Opt for indoor seating and dining arrangements.

As we all know, the Winter months in Australia can get quite hairy at times. With the weather being so unpredictable, it is in your best interests to host your event indoors where possible. Particularly when your guests are dining, keeping the seating arrangements and buffet selection undercover will ensure no one have a disappointing time. Serving buffet catering outdoors can lead to disaster if it starts to rain or guests have to line up in the cold.

3. Offer plenty of comfort foods.

Similarly to how people want hot meals during the cold months, people also prefer to have comfort foods. Popular comfort foods can include finger food options, party food catering near me options (sausages rolls, mini pies), muffins and cookies for morning tea and afternoon tea, and lollies and chips. Don’t forget to order dessert options, as these are likely to be snapped up and appreciated by guests who enjoy their comfort foods!

Although comfort foods are often a guest favourite at Winter events, it’s important to also offer a range of nutritious and healthier food options for those who may be wanting to watch their weight. If you are having lunch catering, you should have roast vegetables or salads available for those who prefer not to eat meat. If you are having party food nibbles, you should also offer a fruit platter as a healthy alternative.

4. Order ample catering so everyone has the ability to indulge.

Throughout Winter, many Australians tend to eat more and grow a larger appetite. There is nothing worse than under-catering, so always make sure you will have plenty of food per person to keep everyone’s stomachs from grumbling. Knowing how much catering you need to order can be challenging, so the team at chickendale are happy to have a confidential discussion with you to ensure there will be enough food based on the expected number of guests who will be attending.

For more information about Chick’nDale’s Sydney catering services, or get in touch with our tea, visit our website today.

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