Top Five Tips For Corporate Catering

Top Five Tips For Corporate Catering

Food can make or break a function. When your colleagues are stuck in a boring meeting and waiting desperately for lunchtime, or they are trying to satisfy important stakeholders, food can be surprisingly influential to the guests’ moods. Because of this pressure, catering for a corporate event or office workspace can be tough.

If your boss has just requested that you organise catering for the office (and you’re totally freaking out under the pressure), our party catering Sydney experts at Chick’nDale have listed their top five tips for corporate lunch catering. Don’t panic – with our key pieces of advice and sophisticated catering menu, your colleagues will be bowing down to you in the lunchroom!

1. Browse according to your budget.

In most circumstances, you will receive a catering budget from your boss. Rather than risking a stern lecture for maxing out the company credit card, it’s in your best interests to stick to the budget! Corporate catering doesn’t have to be expensive – there are many office catering Sydney options to suit all budgets. If you are looking to save costs where possible, buffet catering or bbq catering may be the best option while still keeping the troops happy. Other ways to minimise expenditure include ordering catering in bulk and opting for finger food platters.

2. Touch base with your colleagues or guests to understand their dietary requirements.

Allergies and food preferences are becoming more and more common, so it’s essential that you speak will all attendees to learn if they have any specific dietary requirements. Some people may require a separate and specific meal aside from the rest of the office catering Sydney. The best party food catering near me businesses will be able to incorporate dietary requirements into your order.

3. Pick foods that suit the season.

A cold Winter’s day calls for warm comfort meals, while on a hot Summer day, your colleagues and guests may prefer a chilled meal. At Chick’nDale, we have several business lunch catering options to select from. Get in touch with our team and we can discuss what might be most appropriate considering the season. You can also view our catering menu online.

4. Consider the nature of your guests.

If you are organising a casual corporate lunch, foods like sausage rolls and bite-sized savouries may be suitable. This will fill the stomachs of your colleagues and give them tasty foods to mingle over. However, if you are looking to impress your guests and win them over for a certain project or proposal, you might benefit more from having a luxury catering menu with hand-made salads, fresh tossed pasta and sophisticated buffet delights.

5. Crockery is the icing on the cake.

To really satisfy your guests, you should consider using crockery rather than serviettes or plastic plates. Not only does this appear more professional, but it also helps to save the environment by reducing single-use plastics. At Chick’nDale, we can provide quality crockery hire and catering near me to ensure your guests won’t be left stranded! Browse our website or follow our twitter page to view our articles for hire.

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