8 Impressive Catering Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

8 Impressive Catering Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of


1. Fancy finger food.

We’ve all heard of finger food catering before (aka. food items that are bite-sized and easy to grab), but most of us only think about traditional tacky finger food items. The team at Chick’nDale can exceed your finger food expectations by providing sophisticated catering in the form of antipasto trays. Our garlic prawn skewers are one of our most popular individual finger food purchases!

2. Fresh tossed pasta.

Pasta is a much-loved meal for many reasons: it’s affordable, it’s delicious, it’s nutritious, it’s versatile. So why haven’t you considered pasta catering until now? The Chick’nDale team can provide fresh tossed pasta meals for office catering Sydney, party catering Sydney, lunch catering and buffet catering.

3. Hot food catering.

Stop ordering boring old sandwiches for your corporate catering and party catering! Despite what many people believe, hot meal catering doesn’t have to be expensive, messy or complicated. The specialist Sydney catering crew at Chick’nDale can handle all the details for you, so you can simply relax and focus on enjoying your event.

4. BBQ catering.

Barbecues are an Aussie tradition and they’re a sure way to satisfy the hunger of all your guests. BBQ catering is a no fuss solution to feed a hungry bunch of troops. For catering near me, trust the Chick’nDale team.

5. Handmade salads.

With more and more people becoming health conscious, it’s essential that you provide healthy options for your party catering Sydney. Individual salads or large-style salads for buffet catering are a great way to spruce up your catering menu and ensure everyone has access to wholesome foods. We recommend ordering a simple garden salad as well as something more adventurous, like a Greek or Caesar salad.

6. Carvery catering.

A delicious carvery meal won’t just stop your guests’ stomachs from rumbling, it will also bring your community together, help guests connect, and allow everyone to enjoy a tasty meal together as a group. Carvery is perfect for club functions or church functions, as it can easily feed a large group of people and ensure everyone is well fed. Chick’nDale can provide bulk carvery catering from our mixed roast carvery menu to suit your needs.

7. Dessert catering.

No catering is complete without a comprehensive range of tantalising sweets. Order a large cheesecake or finger food desserts to accompany your main meal.

8. Deep fried delicacies.

Sausage rolls, spring rolls, and other savoury pastries will always win the hearts of your guests. For a simple and cost-effective catering option, you can’t look past these old-school favourites. These tasty finger food treats are perfect for parties and celebrations.

If you need lunch catering, office catering in Sydney, get in touch with Chick’nDale on 02 9755 2499 today. You can also browse our website or Twitter page to view our full catering menu.

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