Best Catering Food For Autumn

Best Catering Food For Autumn

Believe it or not, but Autumn is just around the corner. By now, most corporate offices are back in the swing of things after the holiday period, so workplace meetings and events are starting to happen again. Churches and sports clubs are also back in operation after the festive season. This means you may need to start ordering your catering for any upcoming events and celebrations.

At Chick’nDale, we often find that Autumn is one of our busiest times for corporate catering, party catering Sydney, event catering, and hot meal catering. We have a wide range of Sydney catering menus appropriate for the Autumn season, and we can cater to any number of people and any style of event. Our menus provide a range of BBQ catering and buffet style catering that is well suited to both large and small events.

The Autumn months of March, April and May can often have varying temperatures and diverse weather days. At the beginning of the season, most days are still quite warm and sunny. However, as the months continue, the weather will eventually drop and signs of Winter will start to show.

Whenever you are ordering catering for an event, it’s important that you consider the weather and how this will impact your guests’ appetites. We recommend looking up the weather forecast ahead of time for your function so you can know what the temperature is most likely going to be when you order your function catering.  Here’s our guide on how to order your catering food accordingly:

  • Warm, sunny weather = best for cold meals, cocktail foods, salads and fruit platters
  • Medium, average weather = best for a mix of hot and cold foods
  • Cold, wintery weather = best for hot meals and comfort foods, like carveries

In Autumn in Australia, there are plenty of delicious fruits and vegetables that are just coming into season. This includes many fresh green leafy vegetables and some seeded fruits. To take advantage of these perfectly ripe veggies, you should consider serving fresh salads, handmade rolls and sandwiches, or fruit platters at your next Autumn event.

Some of our other tips for party catering Sydney in Autumn are:

  • Have a wide variety of food options available for guests, including both cold options (salads, sandwiches) and hot options (BBQ catering, carvery catering)
  • Consider finger food options for lunches and snacks, but buffet options for dinner meals
  • Ask your catering company if they can use fresh, in-season ingredients for platters and salads
  • Don’t forget to serve dessert and consider kid’s meals if there will be children attending your event
  • For casual functions, antipasto is always a fan favourite

For more information about chickendale catering and our popular catering near me Sydney services, browse our website. Our catering options are 100% customisable to suit your unique wishes and type of event. Just contact #1 party food catering near me, if you would like to discuss your options or place an order. Get in touch on (02) 9755 2499 now.

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